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Who is for?

has been designed for educational websites and platforms that want to diversify their offer.
With , you will boost your content in no time.

What is for?

Gaming in education allows to speed up the learning process, and to assess progress with accuracy.

How does it work?

The games stay on our server and are displayed in your pages through simple iframes or CURL.
At the end of the game the results are sent to one of your scripts. read more

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We have many types of games. Quizzes, crosswords, point and click... Here are some examples.

and one thousand more...

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What makes us unique?

Thanks to the huge number of games we've created since 2015 to enrich our B to C popular free online educational game sites * : We are now the only educational game design company that can distribute, on a monthly rental basis, a comprehensive catalog of 1000+ ready-to-use and customizable games.

*Our sites & have reached 4 millions users in the past 5 months. is our lastest mega-platform to brush up lessons with fun and friends

A huge catalog

With 1000+ proprietary games we offer the most comprehensive catalog of online educational games to be seamlessly integrated into any e-learning industry player.

Teacher validation

All our games have been validated by practising teachers.

25 game types

25 types of games with a large number of questions for endless fun and school progress: quizzes, drag and drop, pick and click games , crosswords etc. Our extensive catalog of ready-to-use games includes a variety of whole class and group games.

Over 15 millions games

have been made in the last 3 years.
Our solution is solid.

More than 50,000 questions

Whenever possible, each of our games has between 50 and 200+ different questions, allowing students to practice numerous times without coming across the same questions.

More than 180 interactive diagrams and maps...

... and more than 400 clip arts.
All our diagrams, maps, and drawings were made in-house and are free of rights. The quiz illustrations were all taken from Wikimedia Commons and are licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Visual customization



We have two little characters appearing from time to time in the games :

They can be replaced with your own.

Look and feel

You don't like the original blue look and feel? You can change it!

We have several others...

The Team

They trust us